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01/2015 Meetings & Events

    January 2015
    Date Event Type
    January 14 "Health Equals Wealth: How Workplace Wellness Programs Benefit Both Employers and Workers:" Chapter Meeting
    February 2015
    Date Event Type
    February 11 Arm Yourself With the Facts on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chapter Meeting
    March 2015
    Date Event Type
    March 11 What To Do About Employees With Medical Issues: Practical Advice and Risk Management Techniques Chapter Meeting
    April 2015
    Date Event Type
    April 8 Medical Marijuana Impacts on Employers Chapter Meeting
    May 2015
    Date Event Type
    May 13 You Did What? And You're a Supervisor? Chapter Meeting
    May 13 What You Need to Know About SHRM's New Certification Program. Chapter Meeting
    June 2015
    Date Event Type
    June 10 Managing Company Culture Chapter Meeting
    September 2015
    Date Event Type
    September 9 Staying in Bounds: Internal Investigations Chapter Meeting
    September 9 HOT TOPIC of the Month: Are You Ready for the Affordable Care Act Reporting Chapter Meeting
    October 2015
    Date Event Type
    October 11 to October 13 Minnesota SHRM Conference Conference
    November 2015
    Date Event Type
    November 11 Legislative Update Chapter Meeting
    November 11 HOT TOPIC: of the Month: Last Call Certification Pathway for Free Chapter Meeting
    December 2015
    Date Event Type
    December 9 Chapter Member Holiday Social