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    What To Do About Employees With Medical Issues: Practical Advice and Risk Management Techniques

    Date: March 11, 2015, 8:00am – 9:30am
    NorthStar SHRM
    Minnesota School of Business
    11500 193rd Avenue
    Elk River, MN
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    Chapter Meeting
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    Attendees will learn what do do when an employee discloses a medical or mental health condition.  The presentation will begin with a brief refresher on the Family Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and Americans with disabilities Act (“ADA”), including eligibility requirements and legal entitlements.  It will then provide a “deep dive” into recent changes to the ADA, including what is a disability, what is not a disability, and what could potentially be a disability.

    Next, the presentation will address an employer’s obligations with respect to employees with medical or mental health conditions, including engaging in an interactive accommodation process and determining whether an accommodation is reasonable under the law.  The interplay of the FMLA and ADA will also be discussed.  Finally, the presentation will end with a discussion of legal risk associated with disability discrimination and FMLA retaliation or interference.  Learning objectives are:

    • FMLA and ADA eligibility and entitlements refresher
    • Recognize when the FMLA and/or ADA come into play
    • Learn what steps to take when an employee reports a medical or mental health issue
    • Understand the risk associated with mishandling employees with medical or mental health issues

    This seminar will be presented by Anna Hickman, attorney at the Minneapolis office of Jackson Lewis, P.C. practicing solely in enployment defense and management counseling.  Anna is an active member of Jackson Lewis's Disability, Leave, and Health Management Practice Group and regularly advises and represents companies of all sizes with disability and FMLA issues.  Her particular area of interest is in assisting clients with providing reasonable accommodations for employees with mental health disabilities.