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    Beth Mayotte: The Benefits of Ergonomics for the HR Professional

    Date: January 11, 2023, 8:00am – 9:30am
    North Star SHRM Board
    No cost to attend as a North Star SHRM member
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    Chapter Meeting
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    The HR professional is a powerful internal advocate for their company to prioritize ergonomics to improve the worker’s experience at work, either in an office or industrial setting. This presentation will define what “ergonomics” is and will outline benefits of an ergonomic program to both employers and employees. You will learn how determining the risk factors, both ergonomic and individual, is the first step to determining your goals for an ergonomic assessment. The components of an ergonomic assessment for an office or an industrial setting are defined in the presentation, so you can engage a team approach for measurable outcomes.

    This presentation will increase your understanding of the benefits of an ergonomic program for your company, and what factors are to be considered in office or ergonomic settings. In today’s demanding hiring market, the HR professional encounters multiple challenges with employee retention, attrition, and attracting the right candidate, and ergonomics can play a powerful role in affecting these important metrics.

     Learning Objectives:

    1. Define ergonomics and benefits

    2. Identify ergonomic and individual risk factors

    3. Know the Who, When, Where, and How of ergonomic assessments

    4. Identify components of an office and industrial ergonomic assessment

    5. Identify methods and benefits of an ergonomic professional

    Beth Mayotte is an Occupational Therapist certified in industrial ergonomics and serves as the Program Director for iWorks Health. Beth has spent the last several years specializing in industrial and office ergonomics, onsite therapy, and employee-focused health, wellness, and safety programming.

    Beth is passionate about the role of ergonomics in injury prevention in both office and industrial settings, including job analysis, employee safety training and education, and developing customized programs for employers to reduce risks to employee health and safety. Her expertise not only helps employees, but it also benefits the employer through reduced injury and absenteeism, and increased productivity. She takes great pride in working with employers and employees to create a culture of proactive injury prevention.