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    The New Paradigm for Workplace Violence: Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst

    Date: January 12, 2022, 8:00am – 9:30am
    North Star SHRM Board
    This meeting will be held virtually.
    No cost to attend as a North Star SHRM member
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    Chapter Meeting
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    We are living in uncertain and sometimes unstable times.  It is not the time to place our heads in the sand and act like everything is all right.  Government agencies, police, businesses, health care, education have all been affected by workplace violence and it is not going away.  In fact, it is predicted to get worse.  OSHA has issued compliance guidelines to their officers to address workplace violence, but it takes more than enforcement.  Employers must take the lead and have proper security procedures, training, technology, personnel, and architectural features, to protect the safety of the people and property within and around the business.  There is not just one solution to issues concerning violence prevention.  Proper planning must involve all the components to create a safe workplace.  This training will bring understanding of early warning signs of workplace violence and using basic strategies to create a safe workplace.

    • How to prepare a plan for the facility, for team workers and for individual employees
    • Learn what is workplace violence
    • Learn what are potential warning signs of workplace violence
    • How to respond to workplace violence: De-escalation techniques and Creating a respectful workplace
    • Communication and reporting

    This seminar will be presented by Vikki Sanders, Principal Safety Consultant for OSHA Consultation Unit.

    Vikki has worked 7 years as an OSHA Investigator and 24 years as an OSHA consultant specializing in Workplace Violence, and general industry safety.  Vikki has taught over 650 businesses and 55,000 employees on safety topics to a variety of industrial settings including healthcare, education, manufacturing, government and business.

    Vikki has worked with several different taskforces to provide training on workplace violence for every hospital in Minnesota.

    As a Consultant/Trainer and Co-Author of the Workplace Violence Prevention Manual, Vikki Sanders offers practical tools of awareness and understanding that will help make your workplace safer.